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Homemade Chicken Fajitas (homemade spice mix, flat bread, salsa & guacamole)

The kids at our cookery camps and birthday parties always love these fajitas! I know you can buy packs of ready made spice mix and salsa but making your own is always better as you are guaranteed there are no added sugars, salts or preservatives. Also, once you have the spices, this is a cheaper […]

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Posted by tara on
June 7th, 2016
Sunday AM May 22nd

Quesadillas & Scallop Ceviche on Sunday AM, TV3

I did a couple of very simple and fresh dishes on Sunday AM that are perfect for easy, light summer meals. Watch the Quesadillas here and the Scallop Ceviche here

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Posted by tara on
May 23rd, 2016